Smoke & Flames - Semi-Final Dubai - UAE's Best Amateur BBQ Master

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The Hunt for the UAE's Best Amateur BBQ Master
We’re turning up the heat, so let’s get smokin!

In one of the biggest competitions of its kind in the UAE, aiming to bring together the local community and connect with hidden talents in the region, we have called amateur barbecue enthusiasts and chefs across the UAE to partake in our “Smoke and Flames” campaign to find out who is the UAE’s Best Amateur Barbecue Master.

The semi-final events took place in Dubai from 19th-20th 2021 March at Morgan’s, Al Bandar Rotana and JB’s Amwaj Rotana and in Abu Dhabi from 26th-27th March 2021 at Garden by Bayview and Rodeo Grill at Beach Rotana and Cooper’s Park Rotana.

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