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Zheng He's is a Chinese staple in Dubai, and those that have previously visited will know why.

The restaurant sits inside Jumeirah's Mina Al Salam Hotel complex, but lets guests arrive by Abra is staying in a nearby property. While we're here for the food, it's not hard to see why people visit for the 'gram.

The place looks amazing, complete with glass cabinets filled with decorative kimonos, birdcage light fixtures and even a traditional tea ceremony area in the corner.

While the restaurant serves an array of Chinese dishes - in particular, those from Southeast Asia - it's signature disk must surely be the Roast Peking Duck, which is served three ways. Crispy skin is carved at the table, before the duck heads back to the kitchen to be transformed into a further two dishes: a zesty duck and pomelo salad and a spicy Sichuan style stir fry.

But enough talk, see how it tastes in the video above.

You can see the full story here: https://www.esquireme.com/video/33085-zheng-hes-roast-peking-duck-esquire-eats

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